Friday, March 13, 2009

DNForum is a great place to go for new and tried domainers.

I have been going to the DNforum for a few years now. I always find good conversation in regards to domains. Sometimes it is a little hard to get around all the posts. There are some very useful ones. I did notice the new posting for the approved 2009 domainers guide. This one is packed full of valuable resources for anyone looking to get into domain names or for those looking to use a new package to get more leverage in the domain name selecting. You can check it out here.

You have three sections to select from I recommend joining.
Get a DNforum membership.

If you are looking to automate your domain searches check out the expired domain name suite.

And here is something on keywords.

Check them out I am sure you will find them useful.

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Friday, February 13, 2009

It's back and looking good. Think of it as a feather in your Domain education cap.

Get the Domain Book!
$7.5 million for! Uncommonly high? Not in the world of domain reselling. Million dollar domain sales happen all the time, and six-figure sales don't even make the news. Who else wants to sell their $8.95 domain for a million bucks?

If anyone knows how to help you do this, it's Zach Bastick. Zach knows domains. He's made amazing profits buying and selling domain names. Zach is book smart and street smart about domains, and he spends all his time with the "big fish" in the domain pool. Now Zach is sharing what he knows in the Domains Ebook.

The Domains Ebook is like taking a peek behind the magician's curtain, getting a backstage pass at your favorite concert. Making big money with domains isn't just luck. It's a science, and the Domains Ebook is the laboratory notebook. Zach has provided a proven, step-by-step, absolutely-anyone-can-do-it domain selling formula.

The Domains Ebook is like an experienced guide who leads you through hidden mountain passes and steers you through treacherous river rapids. Discover the six things that could launch your domain's value into orbit. Dodge the four things that could keep your domain grounded. And avoid the one thing that could bury your domain in the garbage heap.

Domains become more valuable when other people want them. But domains become priceless when people decide they "need" them. In the Domains Ebook, Zach shows you how to create need in your customers, how to have them practically throwing money at you for your domain.

But, as good as the Domains Ebook is, it can't do a thing for you if you don't buy it and use it. Choosing not to act is like choosing failure. Choose opportunity instead! Get the Domains Ebook today and get started on your future.

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Friday, January 30, 2009

What is going on in Domain World??

Wow. For the average domainer things are changing in the market. I for one am developing several of my domains. The 2009 first quarter in the US is showing a definite shift in domain sales. Keeping things below $200 a domain may work for some of your focused names. And always do some research on immerging markets. Step out of dog grooming domains and see if their are some that will be showing promise in markets with buzz or vital new products. Get new books on domaining. I know there are at least two that I am going to look forward to when I get my hands on them. Weather your experienced or newster (newbie is old) keep on trying. The domain world is a place where 'hard work does payoff'.

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Friday, November 21, 2008

Domains and more on gauging value.

I was reading an email from a fellow domainer today. We were discussing the valuation of domains. What really made sense about one five letter .com was not sensible for the other. However each had a value that benchmarked in the mid XXXX. I would not ask for that much during the current domain situation. The words are related to the travel and finance industry. We decided that the domains would be best to keep in a holding position for the next six months. Once the virtual economy has better news these domains will be back in the light for a more positive roi.